08WBtHGcsdXw3BkWdeccdOJ3bSnarrXK8VNgZG-mAdM,X0urZ9pnW0sjX1bOpFF6hvSUms39wvWRoNdxNto_Rr8,zQR68WfuhW1Inja0kDbJ4zTi9Y-trbH9Izq1yW-Y7vMI’m a Journeyman Tool & Die Maker. Some people have described me as a ‘Jack of All Trades’, I prefer to say I’m a James of Most Trades licensed in one.

I want to motivate trades persons to learn and perform.

When I started as a apprentice there was no manual or handbook to tell me how to learn and motivate. Sink or swim! We had to learn the hard way searching for advice at break times, after work in the coffee shop or in the foreman’s office after something went wrong. Trade schools and on the job training gave me a lot of theory on how to do a task but fell short of addressing the why, what and when issues especially if you work with people who do not know how to teach, instruct or communicate.

This Web Site will be a resource where Skilled Trades Persons can network, find tools, learn to communicate, develop the soft skills that allow us to apply our knowledge.