Front Line Workers using Soft Skills

Front Line Workers using Soft Skills

I am grateful to the Front Line Workers Fighting COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a great demand upon many medical vocations, and skilled trades. Problem Solving, stress management, self-discipline, and performance are some of the soft skills that are being used to fight COVID-19.

Problem Solving: When health officials asked industry to make medical approved masks, face shields, gowns, respirators and incubators industry across Canada and other parts of the world responded by converting production capabilities. Engineers designed new products for approval to ensure the medical equipment and PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) would be available. Medical, Academic, Scientific Front Line Workers are testing and searching for a cure. Engineering and Skilled Tradesmen/Skilled Tradeswomen work to keep essential facilities operational.

Self-discipline and stress management are a part of performance. Stress management skills by medical personal enduring discomfort (scaring behind ears due to face mask elastic is just one off many challenges) in order to comply with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) procedures and the consequences of isolation from family & friends while performing their duties. I cannot begin to imagine the stress the Academic, Scientific and Medical Workers are experiencing to find a cure for COVID-19.

Thank you all Front Line Workers.

James Sidney Harvey