Common Issues

  • Methods used to train Apprentices
  • Styles of Learning
  • Keeping up with technology
  • Trades Schools, Colleges and Online Education
  • Learning to research.
  • Learning how to network for anything you need in your Trade.
  • Employed verses Self Employed.
  • How to reinvent your career.
  • Learning how to learn then apply your knowledge.
  • Where are the jobs?
  • Where can I find Tool manufacturers or merchants?
  • How do you develop coping skills to work with or for difficult people?
  • Learning to use social media as a tool and resource for your work.
  • Learning to use the internet as a tool and research for your work.



What are the most important issues that you need more information about?

Do you know where to find the know how and resources to move your career forward?

We need to know what issues you are in need of solutions to resolve.

What training do you need?

Do you need to reinvent your career?

Do you network and communicate well with others in your field of work?

Would you benefit from coaching sessions with James Sidney Harvey?