7 Success Skills for Apprentices and Skilled Trades Persons

I hope you find this book to be both a source of inspiration and reference. It is my intention that after reading and applying these seven skills, that you will be successful at creating a role within your organization that leaves you gratified, satisfied and better positioned to advance your career.

As trades people we collect a variety of tools to do our work such as wrenches, hammers, screw drivers, measuring tapes. levels, shovels, scissors and pencils just to name a few. The seven success skills in this book are in fact soft tools that you can apply to your work and life.

Trade schools and on the job training / apprenticeships give you the theory of how to do the job but fall short addressing the why, what and when issues- especially if you are working with people who lack the skills to teach, instruct andbook-cover-mock-white communicate.

The chapters featuring the seven skills are:

Self Motivation

Always Learning





Transferable Skills


We have manuals and handbooks on everything from basic first aid, tool design, general machine shop practices, welding, refrigeration, electrical code, plumbing code, and building code, but the one hand book on motivation and finding true success in the trades workplace has been missing until now!

Just as you use different tools. processes, machinery, or applications to to complete a task or job, this book will help you find and apply the specific soft tools needed to succeed in YOUR career today.